Rich Roll + Vegan Diet = Ultraman

Rich Roll had gotten quite a bit of notoriety for his athletic ability. Men's Fitness Magazine recognized him as one of their "25 Fittest Guys in the World".  He participated in his first ever Ultraman in 2008 finishing in 11th place. He has done so while living and training on a vegan diet. You can learn more about Rich here

Rich has been on the Big Isle training with Jason Lester and is gearing up for Ultraman this weekend. By the way, those who don't know Jason, he won and ESPY earlier this year and you lean more about him here.

Steve Dewald is headed back for his second Ultraman as well. Gil and Cheryl will be his crew.

Here is a video of Rich talking about his vegan diet and what it has done for him. Oh, for 2010, Rich plans to turn to ultra running. Something to think about while you eat all that turkey later this week.

Ultraman Athlete Rich Roll: Vegan Endurance Athlete