Last Saturday at Peacock

Hey Guys and Gals !

While most of you were having fun on the HURT 100 course, playing in the mud, Cheryl and I were having a marvy day at Peacock, enjoying the beautiful vistas and cool breezes. Jan was doing her own thing, up ahead and we were elated to see Gordon and Malia, Gordon's cool hunting dog, heading home with their limit of Franklin's. Gordon is a talented hunter as well as a talented ultrarunner. As Cheryl and I were navigating the steep, gnarly section of Gordon's Loop, we heard voices and to our amazement saw three mountain bikes flying down the steep, rutted section just behind us. The guy leading was from Hawaii, named Shepard "The Yank" and the other two were Italians. We chatted for a minute or so and then they took off up the steep trail, carrying their bikes and going faster than we were going. Just amazing ! We caught a glimpse of them speeding along on a couple of occasions, watching the female Italian pumping up a steep section and wondering if they were pros.  It was a special day.  Don