Post Thanksgiving Workouts– ala carte

Don and Cheryl have asked me to post the Saturday training routine as they are both off island.

The fast crowds have some good night runs planned for Friday-Saturday and I urge all those who are in the sub-six category to get out and join Paul for a good night run experience. Paul is famous for his stashes and preparation, and you will be running a Ferrari training experience.  As for Saturday morning it's a choice.  Mikem is going to do some 'speed' work and run a few reverse trek loops leaving about 7:00 am from nature center.  Let's assume there is a 6:00 am group going out from Paradise to do Jackass-Paradise repeats.  This is a core training week-end.  Count the time left….its ebbing as fast as an Anartic ice  shelf  and before we all can say 'HURT 100' the 7 weeks will be history and we will be staring at a 6:00 am race start.  See you on the trails…Aloha, Mikem