Congratulations Mikey, and Happy Birthday from your buddies !

Aloha Mike !

Although I can't speak for all of your ultrarunning buddies, I can speak for Cheryl, Rex, Rob, Ernest, Harald, Bozo, Gordon, Huddy, Frank and Larry when I say what a remarkable feat you have accomplished with your 60 hour birthday run. I'm sure Ed, Brenda and Fish, who were also out there on your behalf, that I didn't get to talk to, and likely others such as Pizza Pete, aka Marv, and even a few that I've missed  are as impressed as I am. CONGRATULATIONS, our amazing buddy, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! You have certainly raised the bar a couple of notches for birthday runs !! You didn't whine…you didn't complain…all you did was make us proud !

Also, thanks from St. Francis Hospice for raising money for such a great cause and for making people aware of the important service that they provide. Thanks to all of you who made donations.

A big MAHALO to all of you who supported Mike.

We love you man !