Samuel Beckett

Mike and Rex, walking back to the PP parking lot after Mike's epic 60hr Birthday Run, are approached by two students(?)

IMG_4114_2 Dude1: Hi, do you have sec? We're conducting a little survey here. Did you come down this trail?

Mike: Yeah. Rex: Dude, this guy is just wrapping up 60 hours on these trails.

Dude1: Have you been on this trail before?

Mike: Um, yes, I have.

Dude2: Did it rain?

Mike: Rain? When? Just now, or when I left on Thursday evening?

Dude2: So, are you tourists?

Mike: I don't think a tourist would be well advised to hike around up there for 60 hours.

Dude1+Dude2: Thank you.

This conversation actually occurred on Sunday, Nov 8, at 10:10am…