Angeles Crest 100 Cancelled/South to North Run

My goal for this whole year has been smashed or shall I say burned to a crisp with the Angeles National Forest on fire.I am deeply saddened, there have been fire fighters who have died trying to contain it.  A little good news and something a little more with running involved.  My friend Tom and I ran from Ewa Beach Park to the Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Bach Park) yesterday.  36 + miles of total torture in that grueling hot sun and humidity.83109 005

However it was good hill training for AC 100, however I wont need that anymore:(  Well just wanted to post an awesome run from Ewa Beach Park, north on Kunia and North on Kamehamehaand basically flat until Waimea Bay.  You all know the route.  2600' up and 2500' down.  5000 calories burned and so much sweat loss that I ended up in the ER until 0300 with 4 bags of IV fluid some ativan and some morphine.  What a party!!!!  Bless you all who coached and suppported me through my training for AC 100.

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