Fuds find Running good for knees…as opposed to sitting on yer ass… I guess.

Long Distance Running and Knee Osteoarthritis A Prospective Study


Long-distance running among healthy older individuals was not associated with accelerated radiographic OA. These data raise the possibility that severe OA may not be more common among runners.
Leave it to a gaggle of phd's to prove the obvious.  Do you know anyone who runs with us that actually has severe  OA?  ……Do you think anyone asked them about problems of Sampling Data Mulitcolinearity??? Personally I find anything written by clowns with letters after their names a pain in the ass, but this is always the kind of thing you can throw at people who tell you you are crazy…for running so much. 
Here are a few more if you are sitting there late at night and need to get to sleep.
Changes on magnetic resonance tomography in the knee joints of marathon runners: a 10-year longitudinal study.
Does marathon running cause acute lesions of the knee? Evaluation with magnetic resonance imaging.
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