Top of Tantalus Results and Photos

Great race today put on today by Kat and Rob and of course John and PJ. I think Kat and Rob have set a high standard for the rest of the H.U.R.T. Trail Series race directors. The pig on the trail is a first I think? Sure there was a bit of mud out there but this is trail running and it was run in a tropical rain forest.

Click here to see the results.

Kat's photos are here. We hope to get some more photos up here too. You can also view photos over on Facebook taken by David Carlsson and Johnny Landeza. Thanks guys.

Thanks to everyone else that helped out and get ready for the next race; Run with a View on May 9th.

P.S. got serious grief from Rocky and Kula when we got home for not taking them on the run. We had to go straight to soccer after the run and dogs are not allowed at the Waipio Soccer Complex. Loved meeting Kaimana and look forward to meeting Devon's new Aussie too. Rocky and Kula got their exercise after we got home–about 45 minutes of running around the park and playing frisbee.