Peacock Stash Success

Modified this post 04-12-09

The mission was successful, there is water stashed. (Thanks to Tom for coming with me) and all you have to do is find it……….just kidding.

Contact Cheryl or me if you need directions on how to find it.

Jah Bless,



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  1. Well my car is malfunctioning…on the way to T of T the check engine light came on….I think it has to do with the transmission…..I hope everyone has fun at the race…..splash a mud puddle for Amy and I…Jah Bless

  2. Thanks a bunch for stashing the water. You’ve gone up twice in the past two weeks, which is above and beyond the call of duty.

  3. Thanks Devon and Tom!! The water stash is a lifesaver! I know what an ordeal it is to get it up there. We all appreciate it!

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