Peacock Drop 4/10/09


I will be heading up to Peacock to drop off water on Friday. If anyone has money, supplies, etc….please get with me this week sometime.  I unserstand that the water was stolen at the drop site so I will try to locate another one and take pics so you will know where it is.  I will try to get to the top of Long Road and drop off some water.  I want to apologize for not getting water up there this past week, my brakes were bad and I felt it was unsafe to drive.  They are now fixed though.  There is another stash though, if you dont know where it is ask me, I thought everyone knew where it was.  Sorry.  Anyways,  I will get up there this Friday.  There is also water stashed at the beginning of the singletrack near the trailer, both the boat trailer and the storage shed.  If you can't find it ask me.  I hope everyone had a great time yesterday at Peacock I made another video if you want to check them out go here>>> and click on Peacock 54 Gordons Loop or Long Road and Crossover. 




See you all at Top of Tantalus