Saturday Training 12–20-08 “Cheryl Sez”

Aloha Athletes !

What do you do the week after an unbelievably tough, rain-soaked-50-mile-training run? Well, Cheryl Sez "let's repeat last weeks training run, so the one's that missed it last week can get their 50 in". Hummmmm???? Okay. Sounds logical to me.

So, whether you need to get in your 50 mile training run for the HURT 100, or you just need to log some miles, be at the usual end-of-Manoa-Rd. parking area just before 5:00 am for a prompt 5:00 am start. Limited stash will be at our Jackass stash location and we'll see if we can get Mike to stash some water at the Nature Center to bypass the agonizingly slow water fountain. In any case, please bring plenty of water for yourself or plan to take a break at the fountain.  Don