Trevor 160 Report

If you never dare to dream, you never really live. 


For me, I am very pleased with the outcome of the event despite not completing the distance goal.  The awareness and support for Trevor was the main goal, and for that I cannot be happier.  Ultimately, I had to withdraw after some health problems presented themselves and this was the right, but difficult decision.  Ironically and to keep things in perspective, while attempting to run around the island, Trevor was admitted to the hospital with treatment complications.  And as he recovered and was released, I will also recover to continue to support as I can.

Before any adventure, I make a pact with my wife about my health.  The deal is that I can go as far as I can possibly take my mind and body, but she has the veto power over that determination.  I knew that I could keep pushing despite the complications, but called her with my symptoms that remained for about 10 hours (output exceeding input).  Given a recent bout with rhabdo, the signals were clear.  Also, road running took a toll on my left knee; how those trails seem so much nicer.


With the decision made for me, I took a minute to collect myself in the light rain below Kaena Point.  Then we headed in for a medical check up to determine my physical status.  The left knee took some damage from the road shoulder slope but will be ok with time.  Also, rhabdo was imminent despite being well hydrated and fueled, and this will take some investigation on the cause.  And a type-1 heart block was detected that requires some checking to confirm this is a relationship to endurance sports and ‘athletic heart syndrome’ and not anything else.


But the journey was amazing!


From Aloha Tower Marketplace, my wife dropped me off to connect with Brian Wilson who took the first legs until Eddy Phan could get off from work.  With a walk / run timed approach, the pace was easy and smooth.  Seeing Judy at Diamond Head was a nice welcomed treat and then ‘Cameraman Don’ at Makapuu brought a nice smile to my face.


With the unsurpassed support from Brian, I carefully made my way to Castle Junction and then to my son’s school where the kids welcomed us with high-fives and a colorful sign made to show more support.  The road was nice through Kailua and over to Kaneohe as the skies began to talk a little.  The road to Kamehameha Hwy. was a long stretch with my first views of some of the storm damage.  Still marking my walk / run pace with my watch, I plodded along through the darkening road with lights glowing.


At the Hygienic Store, Eddy connected with us and we dropped at car.  Well, Eddy and Brian disappeared for a long while leaving me alone through my approach to Kualoa Ranch.  That was a long, solo stretch which included the heaviest rain.  I finally stopped at the bus stop at the Ranch, and called my parting crew for logistics.  Actually they were getting Subway for all of us and had a long drive to drop the other car.


The rains continued and I came upon a frustrated guy throwing a tantrum along Kam Hwy in the downpour.  He just seemed really unsettled about something and was getting if off his chest.  So, I jogged up behind him with my lights off and startled him for fun.  He seemed a bit changed after that experience, and quickly returned indoors.


Continuing up Kam Hwy, the full moon tried to shine the way and I kept the power hike and less frequent jog propelling me forwards.  Brian wanted out of the car, and decided to enjoy the stroll with me.  He and Eddy took turns driving, and walking to keep awake.  Then I got a call from Harald who wanted in the fun.  So before long we had two cars, and three people rotating.


The progression was methodical and company entertaining.  We were keeping the progress going well then hit a road block, well for the cars.  There was a construction project due to the storm, and around midnight near Hauula and the traffic was backed up for about two miles.  We continued to walk around the line of cars then realized they were not moving any time soon.  So, Harald volunteered to run back to the cars and grab me a coffee.  That was cool, and he was moving!  Once at Turtle Bay, we rested a few minutes and Harald sped away for some earned rest.  This is where the ‘zombie runner’ came into my head.  I struggled onward tired and watching the time move by very quickly.  Very surreal experience and each bus stop bench looked inviting.  Brian allowed me 2.5 minutes of rests; Eddy gave me 8 minutes.  I liked Eddy much better.


Every landmark was presented and slowly passed.  We came upon strangers that knew what we were attempting and offered words of support.  One lady offered a donation to me on the sport.  There were the sleeping homeless near Sunset Beach that we stepped over.  The police checking in on Eddy while he was waiting for us.  The nice man in the white truck that asked for an autograph.  The wading through standing water and the never ending search for a bathroom thanks to some imbalance (or too much coffee). 


When we decided to stop after trying our best to resurrect my body, I took a moment to think about everyone that supported this effort.  My crew was beyond awesome in giving of their time to help make this dream a reality.  Harald was a superstar in keeping me moving.  Don inspired my heart in seeing how great he looks!  And my family for allowing me to dream and chase after these dreams with passion.  And there was Bob McAllaster who was there the whole time, online and keeping people informed around the country.  Despite being sick, Bob worked hard and made me smile when I would see the post.


While I did not complete the distance, I made the journey.  And from the nurse that handed me a donation to the waitress than offered her morning tips to the businessman that just lost his wife from cancer, the inspiration was felt across many walks of life.


Trevor’s journey is longer and only beginning.  With hope and determination, his journey will be long and adventurous.  From his family and my heart, mahalo to everyone that made this dream a reality.