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Aloha Athletes !

One of the many nice things about the ultrarunning community is opening their homes, condos and apartments to runners from far away, especially during races. Most any of us that have traveled to the mainland or to Canada have been offered a place to stay during 100 mile races. I've personally known several local ultrarunners who do this every year for people coming for the HURT 100. Some names that come to mind are Cheryl, John & PJ, Mike & Patricia, Heather and I, Vernon & Evie, Bill & Punkin and I'm sure there are others. So, if you have an extra bed, or even a comfy couch available for a fellow ultrarunner to lay his/her weary head please e-mail me and I'll do my best to find a needy runner. The 2009 race dates are January 17-18, so most will need something around January 14-19, 2009, depending on their length of stay. I do know of one runner and his wife who plan to be here for 2 weeks, to get some heat training. My e-mail address is: expo@hawaii.rr.com or you can call me at work: 247-4144  Don

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  1. We’ve hosted that famous ultra runner from Omaha the past few years. You know, the runner whose favorite tagline is “chicks dig ultra runners.” Yea, he likes staying with us as it gets him away from all the local groupies that follow him around and keeps him out of the clubs in Waikiki before the race. I usually pick up a running tip or two from him that makes it all worth it.

  2. Sorry Bob !! I knew old chemo brain was going to miss at least one. I can’t believe I forgot about you and Barbi. I’m very sorry !
    On a positive note, David Carlsson has already responded, offering to share his condo, which I have a runner to fill that. Hopefully there will be others. As you know, it makes you feel good to help out.

  3. Don,
    Thanks for this post. Above all what makes the H.U.R.T. 100 what it is, is the local folks reaching out to their mainland brethren. Many mahalos for making this happen. If you can please reach out to our runner’s.
    Much Aloha,

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