Break-Ins at the Nature Center Again!!!

Last Thursday, Cheryl and Rex parked in the lower pkg lot at Nature Center for a run. When they returned, Rex's back car window had been broken, and his backpack with all his school books were stolen! Replacing the books will be expensive, but the time lost, and expense to replace his window are big! Cheryl said two other cars were broken into as well. They waited an hour for the police, so they could make a report.
I sent an e-mail to Aaron at Na Ala Hele, but did not hear back from him. Not sure if they are aware up there.

It would probably be best to park down by the Board of Water Supply, in front of the houses, if you plan to run-hike the NC area…. or, drive over to the back of Manoa and park by the houses just before you get to Paradise Park, and go up on the trail from there.

Not Good!! But we have to deal with it ourselves I guess.