Peacock 54 Orientation Run 10-11-08

Aloha Athletes !

With this Saturday being two weeks away from the Peacock 54 HURT Trail Series race, we will have a special "orientation run" especially for those who have had little or no time on the course. If you are NOT familiar with the course, we HIGHLY advise you to make it out this Saturday ! Although the course will have minimal markings on race day, you still need to be familiar with the route. A full 27 mile loop is recommended, so you can see what you are getting yourself into…ha, ha. Gordon will give a short briefing this Saturday, just before the runners head out. In addition to being very tough, plan on this race being very special. A $10 entry fee will get you 54 very tough miles (18 hours max.) with aid stations and awards. Unheard of ! The race is on Saturday October 25.

This Saturday:                                                                                                  start time: 6:00 am                                                                                          arrival time: 5:50 am                                                                                         bring: plenty of water, electrolytes, sun protection                                              meeting place: Dillingham Airfield (behind control tower)                                   stash: limited

Aloha !  Don