Mango Madness Preview

Time:  Saturday June 7, 6:30 AM (start)

Place: Water Tank/Triangle Park at Makiki Heights Drive and Round Top Drive

Course:  Mango Madness Course + Reverse Trek and Trek Loops –as many as you feel inclined to do.

This Week we will run a Mango Madness race preview.  It will give all those who have sent Pete and I questions about the race a chance to practice the drive to Makiki and to go over the trails before the actual race.  The course is about 10 miles, or two to three hours. Runners should be traveling with at least 40 oz of water (two bottles) to complete the course.  The trails are in very good condition, the course is quite beautiful right now. If you are contemplating the race and are concerned about the course this is a good time to come out and walk or run it. If you have not done trails this is the perfect time to give it a try! 

Or if you are too lazy to go out to Peacock and run with Ernest’s Western States Prep Team then you can show up at the Park for a shorter, closer, Training run.    After the  Madness Loop we will do a Reverse Trek loop and then if anyone is still inclined a Trek Loop.   

So come out and do as much or as little as you like. Aloha, Mike.