Jeff Huff Breaks 24 Hours at San Diego 100!!

I received an e-mail today from John and PJ telling me Jeff Huff had broken 24 hours at the San Diego 100 Mile Run. Click here to see the full results. In addition to finishing under 24 hours, he also finished in 10th place overall.

I tried calling Jeff to congratulate him but only got his voice mail. I left a congratulatory message and also told him we expected a full report when he returns. I am especially interested in his training schedule, specifically how much he trained to break 24 hours! Given my own lack of time to train these days, any tips are appreciated.

Finally, (rumor has it), Bob Murphy was in San Diego and paced Jeff to this outstanding finish. Now the story gets even more interesting. So–what exactly did Bob do to get Jeff to move this fast?? I am very curious to learn Bob’s role in this as a pacer. Perhaps we need a pacer’s report as well. (?)

Great Job Guys! I am sure you had fun.