Yea Cheryl !

There’s likely not one ultrarunner in Hawaii that doesn’t know my good buddy Cheryl Loomis. Well, last night I received my March 2008 issue of "Ultrarunning" and was excitedly scouring the section "Ultrarunning’s 2007 Ultra Lists" when I came across the category "Oldest 100 Mile Finishers-Women". This gave a list of 11 women’s names, their ages, specific races and race times. Not only was Cheryl Loomis mentioned…she was listed TWICE, for Western States and for HURT. She was the ONLY woman listed twice ! (2 out of 11). Wow ! Please keep in mind that this list includes ALL runners and races in the United States (not just Hawaii). Cheryl has many running friends and fans that are very proud of her, but no one is more proud of Cheryl’s accomplishments than me ! I know how hard she trains ! I know how much she gives to all her running friends ! So, send her a congratulatory e-mail and/or just tell her how proud you are of her, the next time you see her. She deserves it ! We love you, Cheryl. I’m proud to know you.  Don