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Will There be Dry Trails?

The weather has been pretty nice since last week Friday. In fact I said to myself on Saturday, now this is what our weather is supposed to be like here in Hawaii. It was a beautiful day.

I just looked at the forecast and it looks really good all the way through the weekend. With sunny skies and the tradewinds blowing, the trails might just dry out.


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  1. The trails are certainly drying out and are beginning to get packed down. However; it wouldn’t be HURT without the Friday night downpour.

  2. No worries! I ordered 20.5 miles of garden hoses and will place them on the trail Friday night as a backup. Please don’t step on them as it may create a severe water hazard in only one area; I am trying to get the entire trail to be a water hazard – no just one spot. Also, I’m working on the water pressure to create a fun sprinkler effect to skip through along the trail. -Paul

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