Edurance Event Becomes a Sprint

My wife Diane, my son Christopher and I would like to announce the birth of our son (and possible future trail ultra-runner):

Ethan Alexander Wilson

November 14, 2007

1642 hours

7 lbs 9.2 oz


Diane was in labor for only (easy for me to say) about 6 hours. The healthcare team did not accurately assess the urgency upon our arrival. This is probably related to my wife’s stoacism and the resident’s inexperience. They said thing like "Oh, let’s wait an hour and then we’ll see if we are going to admit you." She was 3.5 to 4cm on arrival. At the "1hour assessment" she was 8+cm and in obvious transition (where it really hurts). My wife had planned on epidural anesthesia, but we did not have time. The team really got cracking and we delivered within 30 minutes. Although, not part of the original plan my wife is now a member of the esteemed "El Naturale Club." Afterall, we wouldn’t want it to be easy. We are all happy and healthy and I am planning to use the sleep deprivation as training for Loop #4 in January. Thanks to my aImg_2717wsome and understanding wife I wiImg_2723ll be allowed out of the house to continue my training. Img_2741_2