Help Wanted: H.U.R.T. Work Days

I will be scheduling a couple of trail maintenance days during the first 3
weeks of December. It’s hard to get in work days around training and the
holidays, but it is the best time to clean up the trail so the training runners
can enjoy it a little, and so the trails will settle down from the disruption by
Some of you might be available on a Wednesday morning like last year.
Others on weekend days. To try and accommodate schedules, I am asking that you
let me know which days will be best for you. Then I will set the work days by
the middle of next week, and let everyone know.

I’ll get a head count for each work day so I can pick up our tools the day
before. Work hours will be about dawn to lunchtime. I’m hoping to steal away one
of Aaron’s people for their expertise. Basically, our goals are to widen and
rake parts of Aihualama, above Paradise Park, and the same to the upper Manoa
Cliff Trail.
Last year we worked on Aihualama, and we also had a great work day on upper
Nuuanu- the result was fabulous, and we felt very satisfied. Trail work with the
HURT gang is actually pretty fun, and very rewarding.
Please email me at
by this weekend so I can make the arrangements.
Thanks everybody.