“Forget about the Dog (Leo)”, ” BEWARE of the ‘Fishman'”

Just got an interesting story from Fish about his encounter with Leo this past Sunday afternoon.

He went for an ‘easy run’ Sunday afternoon in his trade mark attire: Army Pants, High Sierra Hydration Pack with attached Bear Bell. His intention was to enjoy a quiet afternoon on the trials but unexpectedly spotted Leo upon reaching Moleca.  Leo wasn’t leashed & wanted to play.  Fishman continued running trying not to agitate the dog & wondering why that lady owner after so many repeated warnings still refused to put a leash on her dog. Getting more & more pissed-off as he counted the numerous close calls that were reported by various H.U.R.T. runners.

Fishman did not slow down & continued moving forward but Leo was hounding him. Leo continued to run very close & in a few instances almost stripped the Fishman. At this point, the Fishman got angry and shouted aloud to the Lady owner "Call Off your Dog!" the lady complied but Leo did not respond. Leo at this point was running in circles attempting to jump all over the Fishman. In desperation, Fishman shout out again "Call off your Dog!" Again, Leo did not respond to the owner.

It was at this boiling point that the Mad-man Fish turned on Leo. The Fishman turned around and chased Leo for a couple of hundred yards up to the high stairs. I think the Fishman must have given that lady owner an ear full because she was apologizing profusely. I think it probably was either the rage or the obscenities that were uttered during that whole encounter that made that lady suddenly so apologetic. Well, let’s hope
she learned the lesson!

I think this so hilarious, imagining the Fishman turning around & chasing Leo up the stairs.  I just cannot picture Fish getting so pissed off & besides he has got such a soft spot for dogs.

Aloha, Ernest