Congratulations to Mike Muench

Several months ago when Mike Muench told me that he was planning to do four (4) 100 milers over a 7 week period, I have to admidt that I was taken back a bit. However, as he explained it, it sounded reasonable from an ultrarunner’s mentality. He planned to fly to the mainland and drive from race to race, with all four races reasonably close together. There would be a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks between each. After all, it was only 400 miles.

Since Mike began a new training regimen and commitment about 18 months ago, we have seen him progress rapidly from a mediocre trail runner into a very strong and tough ultrarunner, both physically and mentally, so I was confident that he could do this…provided he survived injury. Mike, we are ALL very proud of you and can’t wait to hear your stories (and read your words) about this amazing adventure ! Aloha from all your friends ! We miss you !  Don