Night and Day; A Hurt Loop into Maunawili o/b

Night Hurt Loop: 07/13/07, Friday  8:00 PM start at Pairadice Park (parking on upper Manoa Road) Plan will be to do a HURT loop return to cars, do a Pairadice to Jackass, to Pali Parking lot, meet the gang, do a Maunawili out and back, head back to cars via same route.   Estimated Time:  A long time.  Distance:  Pretty far.

There appears to be another group heading out of the Nature Center around 6:00 pm.  They may be scheduled for two loops.   We plan to meet up with them at pair-o-dice at around 8:00. hence the schedule change.   

Lots of options tonight for those who got nothing else to do.

The only hard part will be the 3:30 am push up and out of Pairadice. The rest is all doable..

Aloha,  mnm

NEXT DAY:  Things developed way to fast.  We upped the out time, and then tried to catch Fish who was leading a mad group of guys on a sub five and a half run through a very dark night.  By the down into Makiki both Rob and I had knee trouble.  I was bonking.  We made it to Makiki and decided that much less than planned was a necessity due to ragged knees.  To our surprise we ran into Fish and his group of Ledville prepers and they too had overdone thier pace and they settled for one not two loops..  Knees, a turned anckle, and just some bonking did them in as well.  So all around the large plans proved a bit beyond our capabilities. 

Gordon was out as well and he was hit with hives or bites of some kind and had to bail early.  I ended up with some welts as well to unknown causes.  Gordon was in much worse shape but still in peak perfomance, or he was just really in hurry to get to his car!

Rob and I agreed we went out too fast.  When do I ever really learn that lesson?  Pushing up the time at the last minute screwed up my prep and I was unprepared.  Feeling invincible and being such are not quite the same– infact they are inversely related. 

It was a beautiful night.  Pretty gusty up top but that seem to be the norm lately. Trails need some work if we are to keep them in shape as the wet season hits. 

Aloha,  mnm