2007 Western States Photo’s

I received some great photo’s of this past weekend’s Western States 100. The main photographer was Wendy Minor. Western States finisher, Judy Carluccio also sent me one photo that I incorporated into this album. Thanks for sending these!

I have also learned Cheryl Loomis finished 3rd in her age group. Pretty Awesome!! You can meet her and learn about her race first hand on Saturday at the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile trail race.

I once heard someone say in regards to running 100 miles, "the first 50 miles are physical, the second 50 miles are mental." Based on my own experience and from what I have learned from others, there are times during a 100 mile race where we all face our own demons. Some are physical, some are mental or emotional, others might include the lack of sleep, the inability to eat or drink, or any number of things. What I am most amazed about is our ability to bounce back. We come back out and we run again. It’s part of us, it is who we are. In a 100 mile race, there is so much going on and each participant has their own story, their own race. Anyone who puts their foot on the line for a 100 mile race is already a winner. Competition runs through their veins whether they win, lose, or have to stop for some reason.

Running a 100 mile race is a lot like life. There will be highs and lows. Remember that! One of my favorite ultra sayings, "Don’t make any decisions going uphill." In other words, when things are going rough or you are having a hard time (like when you are climbing a long, steep hill), don’t make any big decisions. Wait until things get better. You will make a better decision.

Like life, it’s all good training. Click here to see the Western States photos.

See you on Saturday at Kaena Point. Aloha, Bob