Help Wanted: Trail Workers for Wed. 11/22 a.m. only

PJ is still planning on a trip up Aihualama from the Paradise Park, alone
if need be, a week from today. Anyone available please call me by Monday so I
can pick up our tools Tuesday. We’ll start up at daylight and work from the top
down to even out a better footing and widen the trail in some areas. I think
Mike will tackle the lower sections there in the December 2 work-group ( I
will be on the Mainland for that one).
Aaron isn’t able to make a firm commitment yet to do some major clearing the
last month of December, first week of January, until he has a better handle on
the Puomoho projects, but I think he wants to help us in that regard. He does have
new weed whackers that he mentioned before, that he could release to us after a
short training- that is if we have any more trail maintenance left in us by that
time. My hope is he’ll get some guys up there finish it off for us- say some

E-mail PJ ASAP by clicking here if you can help next week! More info is here. Thanks!