Update on Break-Ins at Nature Center

In a final report to the blog about this subject, since Marion’s idea to install a light in the parking lot at the NC, to help deter break-ins (her idea came up right after we had left the Neighborhood meeting 3 weeks ago) ), there was no other feedback from the blog group. We did discuss this idea with Aaron, and although he liked the idea, the main problem would be to protect it from target shots- it would be too visible. Yet it is still not out of the question.

Aaron has recently discussed another proposal to his superiors, that he will share with us if he gets approval. He had begun researching the idea about the time we had all the break-ins. Since then, the break-ins have diminished, thank goodness. Don’t know if that coincides directly with a ring of car thefts that were nabbed by the police recently, or if the problem just fizzled out on it’s own as it did once before. The break-ins always seem to come in rashes every few years.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that Aaron has continued to discuss the beak-in problem with his boss, and it is in the works.. It souls like a reasonable idea to me, and I hope it flies.