1240 Calories in your Thanksgiving Meal???

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. this week. I know (my wife is Canadian), Thanksgiving was a month ago for our Northern friends.

For many people, the winter and the holiday’s are times we tend to eat more and perhaps–add on a few pounds. For HURT 100 participants, we don’t have to worry too much. With the race in January, we won’t be adding many extra pounds

Even Honolulu marathon runners can get away with eating a bit more since they probably lost some weight in training for the upcoming race on 12/10.

The Sports Geezer has a couple of posts I recommend you check out. Go to this link and click on the about.com link to calculate your calories and how far you might have to walk.

In another post, he states you would have to walk for 10 hours after your Thanksgiving meal to wear it off. Sounds like a normal Ultra training day to me. However research shows it is actually better to exercise before you sit down to the big meal. Read it all here.

Have a great Thanksgiving! See you out exercising early that day! Does the 12 hours and 40 + miles I did this past Saturday count for anything?