Congratulations to Ironman Finishers

Congratulations to Kona Ironman finishers, Nick Kaiser, Wendy Minor, and Gil Loomis. It sounds like they all had excellent races. Here’s a photo of Gil wearing his finishers hat along with Steve Dewald. Note the post-race recovery drinks! Gil_ironman_2006 Click to enlarge it.

Talking with Wendy Minor, she looks forward to the week after Ironman as it is her only week to rest or not train. She comes home, unpacks from Ironman and repacks for the Xterra World Championships on Maui that takes place Sunday, 10/29.

Steve Dewald is also participating in Xterra and then he goes off to Ironman Florida on 11/4. I am sure Steve and Wendy will have plenty to discuss–what’s easier, Ironman Kona and then Xterra or Xterra and then an Ironman. At least Wendy has less travel time!

Again, Congratulations and Good Luck!!