Saturday Training, 9-30-06: Reverse Trek plus Hogsback Repeats

From what I hear, this past Saturday some people did up to three repeats of Paradise to Nuuanu and back. That is great HURT training!

For this coming Saturday, something different is planned. The group is planning to run one reverse Trek loop (10 miles) and then do multiple repeats up Hogsback, over the crossover trail and back down Center trail. This is a combined HURT and Hogsback 12 Hour training run (HURT Hogsback 12 Hour Race is October 14). The Saturday group may be a bit smaller than usual as several HURT runners will be running the Windward Half Marathon on Sunday in Kailua.

Have at it Runners.

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The Nature Center lower parking lot. Remember to leave no valuables in your car.

Training: One reverse Trek loop and multiple repeats of the Hogsback lower loop.

Distance: 10 miles for the reverse Trek loop and 2-1/2 miles for each Hogsback lower loop.

Duration: 2 hours for the Trek loop, 40 – 60 min per lower loop.

Bring: Water & other nutritional aid for your own use at the start/finish. Be prepared with electrolytes as it will probably be hot and humid.

Good training!