Brenton Floyd: From Triple Trek

At TTT, we were joined by Brenton Floyd and his grandmother "mamabetty", his handler, in Brenton’s effort to complete his SECOND round of marathons in all 50 states and D.C.

Greg Cuadra, Nancy Gandy (finishing her first ultramarathon!), did the TTT the following day with Brenton. Cheryl Loomis, Kelly McPherson, and PJ Salmonson did the first loop of the course, so that Brenton could have the required 5 starters for his "Just Another Good Time 50k" series of 50ks. I believe Brenton is the youngest of the "Marathon Group" that you can read about on their web site. Mamabetty was the RD, and sent us all formal certificates for entering the event- pretty cool Mamabetty. Thank you!
accolades from the web site:

Brenton Floyd – 18, youngest member of the 50 & D.C. Marathon Group has completed 300 marathons. Brenton finished his 300th race at the Knoxville Marathon, in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 26th, 2006!

Brenton Taylor Floyd , at age 21, finished all 50 & DC for the 2nd time on 09-02-06 at Tantalus Triple Trek 50k in Honolulu Hawaii. Brenton is your Youngest 2nd time Finisher!