Runners Thoughts on the HURT 100-Mile Endurance Run

There have been a couple of really good write-ups this year by past runners of the HURT 100-Mile Endurance Run posted to the Ultra list. We got permission from the authors to post them on our site because these are so well written that they really read like advertisements or promos for the race. (Click here to read them) Thanks Peter and Jimmy!

Because of this, we have decided to offer a contest that will be open from now until October 1st. The best written (under 200 words) promo or endorsement of the HURT 100 race will receive a free entry into the 2007 race. The winning entry will be chosen by three HURT members. By the way, Peter and Jimmy’s entrys will be considered for this contest! The winner will be notified by October 15th.

Winning entries may not be transferred. If the runner can’t participate in the 2007 race, the entry can be used at the race in 2008 (However, no extensions beyond 2008). All entries may be posted on the HURT site. E-mail all entries to