Car Break-ins Again at the Nature Center!!

Unfortunately more cars were broken into on Saturday morning at the Hawaii Nature Center. This ruined an otherwise beautiful day out on the trails. These punks need to be stopped! Something needs to be done. The last two times I have run there, these creeps have hit. This time, it was one of our own runners.

What can we do? How many more cars are going to be hit? How many more people are going to come down and find their car was the one targeted and their day ruined? On Saturday, there were lots of people, it was busy with runners, hikers, and a large volunteer group doing maintenance at the Nature Center. This still didn’t deter these ballsy hoodlums!

This has been going on ever since the parking was changed at the Nature Center so that we have to park in the lower lot. Obviously the thieves see cars in this lower lot as an easy target.

Who can we call? Who can we write to? Do the police keep numbers on how many cars have been hit in this lower lot? What about the media? This is bad for us locals and tourists alike. Are security guards the answer? How many cars hit have been owned by the members of the church that hike the lower loop? Maybe they can help. (?)

How can we train for the HURT 100 and be worried about whether our cars are safe or not? Besides chaining a large pit bull to the bumpers of our cars, we need some ideas and solutions. Please use the Comments button to submit your ideas or suggestions.