Saturday Training 8-26-06

Ok, I slept in some this past Saturday and only did about a 90 minute trail run. From what I heard, there was a small group that ran from the Pali Lookout to Waimanalo and back. They reported a great day on the trails and that there is some (New??) fast guy with the intials of MM who is just burning up the trails. Watch out for him! I think I know who they mean, as this past Friday morning early, I was chasing the same (MM) on the Trek course!

For this Saturday, since Triple Trek is fast approaching (September 2, click here for more info), our training will take place on the Triple Trek course. We will be doing multiple loops (each loop is 10 miles) so choose your distance. Volunteeers for the race will be doing their Triple Trek on Saturday.

Meeting Time: 5:50 a.m.

Meeting Place: Nature Center (lower lot)

Starting Time: 6:00 a.m.

Training: Trek Loops (as many, up to three as you want)

Distance: Each loop is 10 miles

Duration: Approximately 2 +/- hours per loop

Stash: Bring your own and store in your car

See ya there, Bob