Saturday Training 12-03-05

Aloha Athletes !

It was reported that last Saturday’s Training Run had lots of fast trail runners battling mother nature under very rainy conditions. We’ll see if this Saturday is any different as we return to the HURT course, starting at Paradise Park, for a double HURT loop. Thanks to Bob McAllaster for providing the stash at Waimanalo.

Saturday Training 12-03-05 "Double HURT Loop"

Meeting time: 4:50 am (or a time of your choice)

Starting time: 5:00 am (or a time of your choice)

Meeting place: Mauka end of Manoa Rd., just before it narrows as it heads back into Paradise Park. Please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: Two complete HURT loops, starting at Paradise Park (or whatever you have time for).

Stash: Cheryl will be dropping the usual at Jackass Ginger and Rex will be dropping the usual at the Nature Center.

Unfortunately, I will be on the Big Island for our company party. Have fun !