LED Lights

Don asked me to post this e-mail to the blog about LED lights.

The latest Lowe’s Home Improvement advertisement has a couple of interesting looking LED lights. One is a 1-watt handheld for $19.97 and they also have a 1-watt headlamp if anyone is interested for the same cost. These might be a good choice for budget-minded runners, though they’ll need to go out to the Lowe’s at Waikele to get them.

This next part was a joke.

At the other extreme is the 1 million candle power spotlight. Plenty of light, cheap price (it’s only $9.97) and comes with a rechargeable 6-volt, 6-amp battery. Not sure how long it lasts or how heavy this is, however for a short amount of time (until either the battery or your arm goes dead from holding it) you will have lots of light!! 🙂

In all seriousness, the best lighting system is one that works for you and the only way to know that is to get out on the trails at night such as this Friday’s training. Some people like headlamps, others prefer only a handheld flashlight and some runners use both.

Several H.U.R.T. runners are using a Gerber LX 3.0 available through REI and other on-line sources. LED’s are the best choice because of their long-lasting battery life and the newer models such as the Gerber throw off lots of light.

Shopping locally there are several places to look including McCully Bike shop in the fishing department.

Aloha, Bob