Saturday 8/20 Work Day and Sunday 8/21 Bob’s Birthday Run

This coming weekend you have two opportunities to get out on the trails.

First, on Saturday, August 20, Mike Garcia is coordinating a trail work day. Mike has posted previously on this (click here to read his original post), however the general plan is to meet at the Hawaii Nature Center at 8:00 a.m.

The work crew will be fixing part of the Manoa Cliffs Trail, a rocky and rutted section just in time for Triple Trek.

Please contact Mike ( mygarcia1@verizon.net ) so knows how many to expect and if you have any questions.

Second, my birthday run is Sunday, August 21 and you are invited to join in for a run from Waimanalo to the Hawaii Nature Center and back. We are looking to run 47 miles (one for each year), however, please feel free to join us at anytime along the way for any distance. This is part of our Plain 100 training.

Since I will be away this week, please contact either Cheryl Loomis (CHERYL.LOOMIS@cubic.com) or Don Fallis (expo@hawaii.rr.com) for specific details.

We will probably be starting at 6:00 a.m. however I can’t confirm any other details at this time. Cheryl and Don will be able to answer any questions you have. Also, we will have water dropped along the way, however we plan to carry all our food (again, part of the Plain training), so plan accordingly for yourself.

Aloha, Bob