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A Monday on the Trails–Top of Tantalus

Got the rare opportunity (or excuse) to hit the trails on a Monday morning as Barbi was scheduled to not start work until this afternoon.

We went out and ran the course for this coming Saturday’s Top of Tantalus trail race. This is the first in the 2005 H.U.R.T. trail series. Click here for more on the series or look under Upcoming Races on the blog.

The trails are in their usual condition–wet and muddy where it is usually wet and muddy, with no major hazards or downed trees! I was somewhat surprised (though I am not sure why?), at how wet the trails were given just yesterday I took my daughter up Nuuanu trail from Jackass Ginger to just past the grassy knoll at the top and it was very dry up there.

Anyway, we had a great run and look forward to Saturday’s race. Hope to see you out there!