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2005 Swamp Romp

The 2005 Swamp Romp was held today and H.U.R.T. was well represented by 6 women led by Cheryl. Other team members were Steph, Kat, Marion, Wendy, and Barbi. They all looked like they had a lot of fun.

Click here to see photo’s of the event.

Other H.U.R.T. runners participating on various teams were Steph’s husband, Joel, Shoko, Ed,–leading a team of women called T& A, and several other runners from last Saturday’s Trail Series race.

Rex and I had a great time taking photographs and watching all of the participants. It is definitely a fun event for spectators as well. I would encourage all of you to either get a team together for next year’s race or come out to watch and support the other teams.