Madness Mahalos

The Mango love is amazing. I worry each year people won’t love it as much but it just gets keeps getting stronger.  Is it the comfortable in being uncomfortable? Is it the mystery? Is it the volunteers? Is it the vibe? Is it the cool awards? Is it the lei and shave ice for all at the end? I’d like to think it’s all of it. ❤️ Thanks to my co-RD Jacqueline Tellei for the 8th running of our Mango Madness. And especially to our volunteers who not only direct, but encourage. They are genuinely excited for EVERY participant. That’s what makes @hurthawaii so special. ⛰????????‍♀️???????????? @ulohahawaii sponsored an aid station this year, @johnny.aloha made the leis happen, Kalani/Augusto/Jacob for our super photography team! Kalani already has his album up: Kalani’s Awesome Pics … MAHALO!

111 runners took off on an unknown journey through the technical singletrack of Honolulu on Saturday. Congratulations to ALL the finishers. Our top three males and females are as follows…

  • 1 Brian Wyland 1:47
  • 2 IvanColon 1:53:05
  • 3 Kengo Yoshimoto 1:54:55
  • 1 Jill Thompson 1:58:17
  • 2 Anna Albrecht 2:02:47
  • 3 Bethany Spector 2:03:53

Can I just say two words?? RUBBER BANDS!!! #ifyouknowyouknow

There are SO many volunteers to list, but you know who you are! We have a lot of the same people during this race and I REALLY appreciate them. Because the course changes every year, they get their assignments that morning. Thanks for your brains, beauty, and sparkling personalities! <3

Finally, each and every race happens because of John and PJ Salmonson’s dream. We are all living it!

Until next year! The course is already being formed.. (insert evil laugh here).

-Melanie Decker Koehl

Thanks to Erin Hottinger for the pic.