Maunawili Out and Back – August 4 – Race Instructions

2018 Maunawili Out and Back (aka – Run with the Pigs)

Start/Finish Location:  Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church
(45-550 Kionaole Rd, Kaneohe, HI 96744
Saturday, August 4, 2018 – 6:00 a.m.


Race Start: Gates for the parking area may open at 5:30 a.m.  Last year, we were not allowed in until almost 6 am.  We will do our best to gain access around 5:30 am and be able to start the race on time.  Please be patient if we do not have access early enough to get everyone registered, marked, and running by 6:00.  You must park only in the last upper parking lot (see map). The course will officially close at 1:30 p.m. 


Route: See the route map below – there will be course marshalls on race morning to assist.  The turnaround/handoff for relays is the same location;
                      41-1020 Waikupanaha Street, Waimanalo, HI (map)


The course will be marked – PINK is the correct route; BLUE is bad. The start area and turn-around area will be marked.  For the 8.5 miles in the middle section of the trail, simply follow the trail and make no turns at intersections.  See the description below:

From the Koolau Golf Course, follow the abandoned road towards Kailua. There is a “Y” intersection about ½ mile after the start – bear right at the Y.  You will go under the Pali Highway, climb a ladder, and make a left onto the trail that connects to the Maunawii Demonstration Trail.  After descending about 8 stairs, turn right at the intersection and proceed along the Maunawili Trail.  Stay on the trail for 10 miles until you arrive at the trailhead on Waikuapanaha Street in Waimanalo where you will receive aid.  Return by retracing your steps.

The condition of the trail this year is a bit rough in spots.  Please take care in areas that have been washed out or are overgrown.  Stay safe out there!


Each runner MUST carry adequate water for the entire 11-mile stretch of hot and humid trail.  At least 60 ounces of fluids is recommended.  If you require calories during those 11 miles, carry something with you.  Make sure your bib number has been recorded at the turn-around point before leaving the aid station.  If you are doing the relay, this is your hand-off point.  


Rules of the Trails: If at any point, you decide to leave the course, you must notify the aid station captain (Neal), the Start/Finish captain (Marian) or John Salmonson.  Failure to officially notify your departure may result in unnecessary search and jeopardizing your participation in H.U.R.T. events.


Running etiquette:  Yield the trail to horses always.  Do not run past a horse – wait until it has safely passed before resuming your run.  Be kind to one another and other users of the trail.  Do not shortcut the trail and leave no trace!  Littering is strictly prohibited.


Finish festivities: Please stay a while to enjoy some food and stories.  The finish area will be closed up by 2:00 p.m.


Facilities: We will have a portable lua on-site.  We are prohibited from using Koolau Golf Course facilities – please stay in our designated parking area.  


Parking: Carpooling is encouraged if you will be parking in the parking lot at the start/finish.  Please follow the directions of volunteers in the morning.  There is no legal parking on Kionaole Road leading to the Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church.  If you park illegally, it is at your own risk.


Important: The Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church has been generous by allowing us to stage in their area, and we must abide by all of their requirements and be respectful.  


Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation.  Please feel free to call
Marian (221-5171) or John (351-1453) with any concerns.

Maunawili Course