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Honolulu Marathon & Miwok 100k Selectees


Photo by Arvel Shults

Good luck to everyone running the 43rd Honolulu Marathon tomorrow (December 13, 2015). Whether you are doing it to accomplish a personal goal, to support a friend, or to dedicate your journey to your loved ones, the HURT Ohana is with you all the way.

Also, a few HURT peeps received their Christmas wish early as they were selected to run the Miwok 100k on May 7, 2016. Congratulations Jacki Doppelmayer, Rod Huddleston, and Scott Kuwaye!

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  1. Good luck to my baby girl, Alex Durant! #7753. This will be her FIRST marathon (although she has chalked up a couple of Triple Treks, a Capitol Peak 50 miler, and a Peacock 100K!). Run, Alex, Run!

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