2015 Tantalus Triple Trek Results

Aloha Runners,

The 2015 Tantalus Triple Trek was held today under beautiful Hawaiian conditions. In other words, lots of heat and humidity with just the right amount of mud thrown in. From what I hear, the RD's, Jeff, Julie, and Fish through some curves to runners with some route direction changes from previous Trek races. I will let others who raced make those comments. I know HURT Guru's John and PJ stated next year is the 25th anniversary of the Trek race, that the course will be back to tradition. 

2015 Triple Trek Results

Congratulations to all the runners. Thanks to all the volunteers and RD's! I am sure more details will be posted. 

Finally, I had a couple of errands to do after the race and I was saddened to learn of the passing of Akabill. aka was always a smiling face and I loved seeing him out on the trails here in Hawaii. Those that knew him are well aware of his infectious smile and "Life is Good" attitude. Happy Trails Aka!