Saturday June 20th: Peacock @ 6am

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday Benita will once again be leading a run at Peacock starting from Dillingham airfield this time at 6am. It's looking like the general direction will be to head up the switchbacks and do an Are's loop but I'm not sure what the proposed mileage will be. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks and a sense of adventure, especially for newbies who will be joining us for the first time!

More info:

The main starting/staging area for Peacock is the Dillingham Airport Control Tower parking lot.

Facilities: 2 bathrooms

Water:  Spigots for filling bottles and packs.

Parking: Parking lot

Safety: 24/7 security. No known cases of car break-ins or thefts. Probably one of the safer places on the island to park.

Google Map Link:

Happy trails,