Sunday February 1st: Waimano to Kaahumanu @ 6:30

Aloha Athletes,


Can you find this spot on the trail?? Photo by Augusto DeCastro

This weekend the lovely Wendi is going to be leading an easy exploration of the trails from Waimano to Kaahumanu. Geared toward beginners, plan to turn around about 1 1/2 hours in bringing the total to approximately 3 hours on the trail. Start time of 6:30 and remember this is for SUNDAY not Saturday.

Meet at the Waimano trail head, at the top of Waimano Home Road in Pearl City. No bathrooms exist the at trailhead. Park on Komo Mai Drive (fire station next to it) or Manana neighborhood park at Kuahaka and Leomele streets. The trails begin at the end of the chain link fence. Here's a map to help you out.

Thank you Wendi!!



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  1. No bathrooms are at the trailhead so both parks mentioned are the nearest bathrooms. Runners will want to go to the top of Waimano Home Road for the run. We will run the same course as HURT’s Run With A View race, as far as we can get in an hour and a half. This is a great trail and I never see runners on it so I wanted to share it with you. See you Sunday!

  2. I am in! This is a ridge trail, so be prepared for slippery spots! Also, bring a little bag if the Strawberry guava are in season! yum! Bring plenty of water too! I am going to miss Cheryl on this trail! 🙁

  3. Greetings from New Zealand, I’m visiting Oahu from 6-12 June and Kauai from 12-18 June this year and would love the opportunity to join any trail or mountain runs during that time. I look forward to hearing from any of you who might know of any runs happening which I could join with

  4. Hi All, I’ve never run with you before but I’d love to start! How do I sign up, or do I just show up ready to run? Thanks for the help

  5. Cassie, Just show up. No need to sign-up. Make sure you bring enough hydration–water bottles or in a pack and whatever else you might think that you will need.

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