Saturday December 27th: HURT Loop starting @ 6:30am from TNC

Aloha Athletes,

This weekend Melanie will be out on course for a full 20 mile HURT loop. This is mostly to give the pacers a chance to get out there and run the loop prior to race day.

If you aren't sure of the course, I would highly advise that you bring a buddy who does know the way or a map to find your way around. The group will likely spread out during the course of the loop and be running at a good pace. If you'd rather not do the full 20, you can come out for part and turn back at any time, again just make sure you know the way.

Meet at the Nature Center near the picnic tables at 6:30 am. You might need a light in the beginning so bring a handheld for safety.

The plan is to stash some water (and possibly snacks) at Nu'uanu but this is not an excuse to come ill prepared. Please be self sufficient and bring everything you need for the full 20 miles. Expect between 6-8 hours for time on the trail depending on your speed.