Saturday, November 22nd: JAG @ 6:30am

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday the lovely Melanie will be leading a run starting from Jackass Ginger (Nu'uanu) at 6:30am. The exact route is to be determined but anticipate running 10 miles or so. For fun, see if you can find the Christmas trees decorated along the way although many of the ornaments have blown off since last year's Christmas tree run 😉

Parking is a bit trickier on this side. Park in the small pullout off the road near the trailhead or better yet, in the neighborhood down below and walk or run up. Either way, leave the valuables at home!

For those that want bonus miles, you can always park at the Nature Center or Manoa and run over to JAG in time for the run.

Next week, a heads up our weekly run will take place on Thanksgiving day. A trail edition Turkey Trot starting at 6am to leave plenty of time to get home and cleaned up before spending the day with family and friends.