Call for Saturday Run Leaders

Aloha Athletes,

This is a call for volunteers to lead the H.U.R.T. Saturday runs. 'Tis the time of year when the trail series is over, folks are busy training for the HURT 100, and run leaders become harder and harder to find due to the hectiness of the holiday season. Many others are also simply enjoying a re-boot after a long year of racing (like me!)

This is your chance to be a lead and take the group to that trail you’ve always wanted to run (or hike). Any distance and any pace are absolutely fine. Event the start time can be up to you. Want to run on a Sunday instead of a Saturday…that's fine too! We typically see the largest turnout when we are branching out to other trails and many are itching to explore new terrain.

Leader Perks:

  • Choose your trail, any trail! Tired of Peacock and Tantalus? Let’s do something new!  Once your route has been determined, it will be posted on the blog for you during the week prior to your Saturday.
  • Meet new people – we have amazing people that show up, from newbies to the grizzled vets, each and every week. Leading the run gives you a chance to connect and make loads of new friends.
  • Anyone can do it – whether it’s your first time running with H.U.R.T. or your 100th.
  • Do it your way – make it fun. Want to implement some ground rules? 10 pushups each mile? Last person down the mountain buys the first round of drinks? Everyone has to stop and do repeats up the steepest part of the course? Have fun with it and make up your own rules.

The mission…if you choose to accept it, means that if you sign up for a slot, it’s yours. Partner up with someone just in case. If not, you'll need to find your own replacement if you aren’t able to make it. 

The goal is to get enough folks to sign up so that each leader is only responsible for one run every 2-3 months. Your participation will enable us to continue offering our weekly Saturday training runs. 

Disclaimer:  Without your help, weekly runs may not be continuing on a regular basis…so if you love them and want them to continue, please sign up for a slot or click the icon below (or just shoot me an email at: shortysgirl182 @