Race Day: (Saturday) August 31st, 2013 – 5:30 am Start.

Aloha Kakou,

Welcome to our 22nd Annual TTT. 

OK, here’s where we get a little serious on the mileage (50km or 30 miles), after all, this race marks the official beginning of H.U.R.T. training. Each runner will complete three of the Trek 10 mile loops, coming back to the Nature Center aid station each loop.  For those of you not familiar with the race course, we suggest you study the attached map, perhaps you may want to print this out & carry a copy.

We are sorry but the race is officially sold out and there will be no same day sign-ups. If you would like to volunteer, please email the race directors with your choice of assignment.

We will have the usual race munchies which will cater to most palates with iced water & gatorate at both aid stations.  Usually race participants bring their own concoctions/electrolytes/special needs & you are highly encouraged to do so.

Race Directors will be there early to open the main gate at 4:30 am, and set-up by the Nature Center bathrooms.  Although already signed up you still need to check in with John and PJ to get your number inked on your leg.  There is no parking above the second gate, so please park on Makiki Heights Road below the Nature Center entrance.  We would appreciate it if our HURT runners didn’t fill-up the lower parking lot, so please kokua and try to park out on the road or even down the hill near the water tank and walk up.  Only race officials and volunteers can park up at the top.

It will be dark on the trail for the first half hour-  suggest you bring a small flashlight.

Aid stations will be at the Start/Finish & Tantalus Road crossing @ 7 mile point. The Tantalus aid station will only stay open until 1:30 pm (8 hours into the race), so plan accordingly.  Please carry enough fluids, especially for the later & hotter part of the afternoon.

Cutoff to leave the Start/Finish station for the third loop is 11:30 am, race time limit is 9 hours.  If you decide to drop, please inform a race director (Fish/Sue/Heather), so we won’t spend our evening out looking for you in the woods after the race.

The course will be marked with Orange ribbons, for the uphill section to the top of Tantalus and Green ribbons to bring you back down to the Nature Center.  This is a figure eight course, so orange & green ribbons will overlap in some areas of the course.  As always, BLUE is BAD! So do not go that direction. Bad sections & hazards will be clearly marked with Blue ribbons.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


Link to course map


Hawaii Nature Center

The Nature Center is the main staging area for numerous HURT races.

Facilities: 2 bathrooms.

Water: Sink, Water Fountain Water spigots.

Parking: Parking lot at bottom of Nature Center access road. Road side on Makiki Heights Drive. NO parking on road-side of Nature Center drive.

Safety: High theft area, as this is a popular hiking area. Numerous break-ins reported in lower parking lot. Suggested parking is on Makiki Heights Drive or down by the Pumping Station at the junction of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive.

Google Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/2dmhlfk