Saturday Training: July 27 – Maunawili Training Run

Aloha Athletes:

This will be the final opportunity to get out for a preview of the Maunawili Out and Back course.  Last weekend, we had groups starting from both ends of the trail and at several different times.  I expect this week will be the same.  For those wanting the closest-to-race experience will be starting from the Pali lookout at 6 am.  If you are starting at a different time or location and would welcome some company, please post in the comment section below.  Thee are also some folks wanting to go one direction only, so please post if you would like to coordinate a ride from one end to the other.  As always, the trail gets hot and carrying plenty of water is imperative. 

Run With The Pigs:

The run is sold out.  That means we will have about 150 runners on the trail, in addition to the normal hiking, biking, and equestrian traffic. Patience and consideration will be required so that everyone is safe and enjoys their experience out there.  If you have to wait 60 seconds before passing someone, look at it as a moment to rest and refuel.  Please be courteous to all users!

We have two visiting runners doing the August 3 run that need transportation to the start.  If you are able to help, please contact Brett (brett.kettle@gmailDOTcom) and/or Peter (info@nudgetrainingDOTcom).  They are both in the Waikiki/Ala Moana area.  Please kokua!

Don't forget that there is an early start option (6 am).  Please notify me (221-5171) if you would like to take that opportunity.

Happy running!